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With over 10 years of experience on SaaS, Cloud technologies, Web marketing and analytics, a team with dedicated PhD engineers and scientists, no-stop research & development and usage of top-class available services and technology, we can provide you with cutting edge security and service level.


We securely monitor +300 millions visits/year and manage +1.5 million tracking links.


We breathe, research and develop innovation. And we carefully listen to users feedbacks. That’s how we build new ideas, which generate periodic product updates.

Why did many marketers choose us?

We securely monitor +300M visits/year and +1.5M links

We offer a complete range of professional tools at a competitive price for
Web and Marketing Agencies, Publishers, Advertisers, Social Media and
Inbound Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Brands, Ecommerce & Retailers.


What is JotUrl

Get the most from your marketing links

In any digital marketing activity there is a lowest common denominator: the link. In order to redirect traffic to your content, offers, products, landing pages, etc… you need to insert a link in your messages, posts and ads. Well, JotUrl is completely built around the link.

But that’s only the starting point. In fact, there’s nothing worse than paying for marketing and not tracking, monitoring and optimizing the clicks, conversions, and purchases. When it comes to digital marketing, you definitely need a reliable click tracker and optimizer. Otherwise you’re a blind advertiser. Because you cannot properly assess the result. JotUrl is an amazing tool for effective, accurate and reliable link and conversion tracking. But it also includes more than one hundred of other features you simply need to have for your daily digital marketing activities, all organized in one dashboard and optimized to provide you the best user experience.

JotUrl provides you an effective all-in-one platform to let you get the best from all your marketing activities and efforts. In fact, with JotUrl you can increase the engagement, the click-through rate and the conversion rate of all your marketing campaigns. JotUrl can be used within any medium: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google AdWords, content sharing, forum posting, blogs, newsletters & emails, apps, TV, display & video, flash creativity, offline channels (via branded and beautiful visual QR codes), etc…

JotUrl does not replace but perfectly complements your current marketing tools. You don’t have to change the way you market your products. With JotUrl you just get an additional secret weapon to increase your revenues and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Leverage customizable calls-to action to increase engagement and drive conversions through content curation, redirect visitors where they yield best conversions rates, monitor your best marketing sources, track and optimize your conversion rates, A/B test different pages, track your funnels, get a unique view on all your marketing campaigns to compare different activities, teams, projects, channels, etc., manage teams and sub-users, easily invite everyone to collaborate and keep control of their activity, share data and campaigns with co-workers and partners, monitor your links, content of destination pages, landing pages, etc., check safety of your links destinations, use branded and effective short tracking links to enhance link trust, brand visibility and SEO ranking.

JotUrl provides you an all-in-one dashboard for your online (and offline-to-online) marketing, with more than one hundred amazing features that are definitely worth to discover and leverage. Take a tour now of all JotUrl’s features.

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