What is Dark Social?

Dark social it’s the type of traffic that comes from sources like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.

This term was coined by Alexis Madrigal in 2012.

It is used to define traffic that does not come from all known sources, such as Google or Social Media.

A type of traffic that is difficult to track, as it is expressed on private channels.

Which is therefore often overlooked by most marketers and companies.

Why this type of traffic can no longer be ignored?

This type of channel is generating more and more social media traffic and is dominating the traffic generated by content sharing.

Research has shown that we share content up to 350% more in “dark” form.

Users who regularly use dark channels are 93% of active users worldwide.



So let’s see it in detail.

According to a RadiumOne research, the shares on the dark social in the world have gone from 69% to 84%.

Furthermore, 62% of this type of traffic was generated via mobile.

But the links shared on these channels have always been difficult to track.

A link that is shared via Messenger or Whatsapp does not attribute any metadata.


If the user visits your site through a shared link on Dark Social, it is registered as if he had written the URL of your site in the search bar of his browser.

Tracking the traffic of Dark Social is difficult.

Is there a solution?

There are two!

We can use both Google Analytics and another tool like JotURL (and honestly with JotURL it’s much easier :-))


1.Access GA / Audience / Overview / Click + Add Segment

2.Select “Direct Traffic”, go to the end of the page and click on “Apply”

3.Click on “Behavior” / “Site Content” / “All Pages”

4.Click on “Advanced” / Change from “Exclude” to “Include” / Select “Page” as dimension

5.In the “containing” field, enter the directory of one of your easiest-to-remember URLs, such as “/ blog /,” / contact / “,” / aboutme / ”

6.Add as many pages as possible

7.After you’ve applied the filters, you should see a list of URLs that are not easy to remember and will not have any referral data

8.These URLs will be the result of the Dark Social



Using a tool like JotURL, you can create tracking links in a few clicks and they will monitor the activity and traffic of our content.

Name a shortne.?


JotURL is like every other shortner, on steroids 🙂


Because you can add 2 important features:

Remarketing: at each Tracking Link (TL) we can associate a remarketing pixel (for example, Facebook or Google Analytics), in order to retarget the user once he has clicked on our tracking link, even if shared by other users

CTA: we can associate a Call to Action to our TL, asking for an OPT IN or redirecting the user on our site or on the page of our app in the play store / app store

Using a tool like JotURL allows us to:

  • get a complete overview from a single platform
  • make remarketing campaigns to users who click on our tracking links (even if shared n° times by third parties)
  • embed CTA to users who click on our tracking links (even if shared by third parties).

Knowing where your traffic is coming from is certainly very interesting.

Remarketing to users who have clicked on your link, let me tell you, is cool 🙂


track the dark social

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Reading time: 4 minutes
Difficulty: easy

We know what you’re asking

“Why should I track all my links?”

We’ll answer you like this

“Do you want to know the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns?”

Ok, now we can start 🙂

To promote your business, you certainly use different sources of acquisition and distribution channels like

– Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
– Newsletter / Email marketing
– SMS marketing
– Mobile Apps
– IM (Whatsapp, Messenger)
– Banner ads
– Press releases
– Mobile Ads
– Media channels (YouTube, Vimeo)
– Blog posting
– Forums
– Affiliations
– PayPerClick
– Offline channels (QR codes, branded tracking links)
– etc

Each of these channels provides you with different reports (some actually do not provide them at all).

Do you want to save budget?

Do you want to understand which channels / sources are making your business better?

Tracking links solves this problem.

Imagine you could have a single place where you can monitor all your tracking links.

Be able to compare the different channels

Know how many users have clicked

Know their operating system, their IP address, from which country they are navigating, conversions and so on…

Whenever a user clicks your tracking link, you can get information about him and track the results.

“Awesome, what’s next?”

Imagine being able to identify the target that is converting more.

Do you know what that means?

That you can optimize your campaigns.

Let’s make an example

You decide to track the traffic that arrives on your landing page from your Youtube channel, from your Instagram profile and from 4 bloggers who periodically publish stories with your link.

You just have to create the “Landing Page” project and 6 tracking links.

One for each source and replace the traditional links you have been using until now.

From now on every click will be tracked.

Wait a week or two (depending on the traffic you’re generating)

Congrats, now you have a complete overview.

Maybe Youtube is working very well, so it’s better to concentrate on publishing more videos.

Or maybe an influencer generates the same traffic as the other 3 channels together.

In that case you can ask him to post stories more frequently and end the deal with the other 3.

This was just an example.

But think about all the different applications.

… 🙂

And always remember to ask yourself 2 questions:

“Which source generated more conversions?”

“On what channel does my budget make the best?”

The answer is just a click away(LINK)!

tracking link

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Reading time: 4 minutes
Difficulty: medium

“They’re kidding”

“It’s the classic sensationalist phrase”


We are sincere


If you don’t have a traffic source or you’re starting now.

This article will certainly be useful, but to get your first 100 leads you’ll have to have a little patience 🙂

Do you already have a communication channel?

Do you have a good following on Facebook or on LinkedIn?


We made this post for you.

Do you use URL tracker?


(and if you are not using it, now we’ll explain why you should :-))

The shortlink is certainly more engaging visually speaking


Let me tell you, you are MISSING a BIG opportunity.

Every click, is a lost chance.

“What are they saying?”

We’ll explain it to you right away.

Imagine that with every click on your links, you can associate a Call to Action (CTA)

Increase Conversion Rates on your contents

Do Lead Generation and bring traffic to your site through third-party contents.


It’s easier than it seems.

Imagine linking articles written by others and embedding a CTA:

  • asking users to visit your site
  • download your guide
  • subscribe to your newsletter

(surely you can do the same operation with your posts :-))

Now we don’t need to explain how to collect 100 leads in 10 minutes.

If you already have contents or links that generate a lot of traffic you just have to replace your shortlinks with tracking links (TL) created with JotURL.

Then just associate different CTAs to your TLs.

And watch your list grow!


We have prepared a video tutorial to guide you in the association of a Call To Action to a Tracking Link.


lead generation

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